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Detailed Report

Reports are the essence and soul of Accounting. Get all the reportings you need for a smooth and reliable accounting.

CA Audit Report

This feature is especially designed so that your audit is easy and worryless. Your audit report is ready without any hassle.

Online and Offline payment

Our software accepts both online and offline payments, parents can whose whatever they feel comfortable with.

Fee Reminder

Our software automatically sends notifications and reminders to parents whose wards fee is overdue and information about late fines as well.

Discount and concessions

Giving discounts and concessions was never so easy, just select the groups and assign pupils in those groups the software does the rest.

Cloud based accounting

Our software is a cloud based software which gives you the leverage to access and work from anywhere with the same efficiency.

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Detailed Reports

Reports are the essence and soul of Accounting. Get all the reportings you need for a smooth and reliable accounting. You can easily get reports like daily reports, student wise reports or component wise reports.

Day-wise reports

You can get report of the respective amount of fee collected on any specific day from any specific class. You can see the exact amount collected on a given day in sum total too.

Component - wise reports

There are different components when it comes to fee collection, you can check exactly how concession or discount has been provided and the category of discount too.

Student - wise reports

The most helpful and efficient of all, you can check student wise report, which concession group he falls into, when was the last fee he paid and what amount in an easy and efficient manner.


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Fee Payment

Our software is compatible and accepts both online and offline payments. It boils down to parent’s choice whatever they are more comfortable with.


Parents just need to go to the Payment section in the App and see the payment details, what amount is due for which month and then just choose whether they want to pay online or offline.


Once they choose to pay it online, they will be shown the breakout of payment and with the option to pay, they can choose to pay from wallets, net banking or Credit/Debit cards.


If they choose to pay offline, they can see the breakout of the payment and pay it through the allocated bank counters through challan, or via cheque or at the school counters via cash.

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"Managers and investors alike must understand that accounting numbers are the beginning, not the end, of business valuation." - Warren Buffett

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